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          Faculty & Staff

          Teaching Online at ICC

          Here you will find resources and information regarding teaching online at Illinois Central College.

          Recommended Reading:

          Applying the Seven Principles for Good Practice to the Online Classroom,
          Faculty Focus, published February 25, 2013.

          Assignments, Observations, Teaching Strategies

          When to use these resources:

          • Selecting faculty and making online teaching assignments
          • Developing new online classes
          • Redesigning existing online classes
          • Observing online classes

          Online Class Assignment Guidelines for Deans

          The ICC Online Learning Committee drafted these recommendations for deans making online teaching assignments. This is a work in progress. Updates will be shared through the Online Learning Committee.

          QOCI Quality Online Course Initiative Rubric and Resources

          ICC’s version of the Illinois Online Network’s Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) rubric to assist with assessment and continuous improvement of online teaching and learning.

          Professional Development and Peer Mentoring Programs

          The following programs are currently “pending,” but descriptions are being left here for future reference (Updated 3/7/2018)

          ICC’s Master Online Teachers

          Master Online Teachers have completed an online graduate-level certificate program. ICC proudly supports and recognizes all faculty and staff who have completed this professional development and training.

          Online Faculty Fellows

          A partnership program pairing trained, experienced online faculty with participants who wish to complete an online course design or redesign project.

          Excellent! Online Teaching

          A fully-online 12-week workshop; 8 weeks of online engagement and collaboration followed by 4 weeks of practicum coached by an expert online facilitator.

          The workshop’s topics are guided by the chapters of the book Excellent! Online Teaching: Effective Strategies for a Successful Semester Online by Aaron Johnson.  As a result of this workshop, you should be able to answer these question about online teaching and learning:

          • Am I ready? Can my class really become a community?
          • How do I communicate well with my students?  How do start each week?  How do I connect with my students?
          • What do I do with failing students?  What’s the most important thing?
          • How do I grade discussions?  How do I give feedback?  What sort of feedback do my students need?
          • Where do I begin?
          • What can I accomplish with the help of the workshop’s practicum?

          This experience was created with support from the Endowed Teaching Chair project.

          Online Learning Committee

          ICC’s Online Learning Committee has faculty and staff membership from academic and student service departments. The committee meets six times each academic year.

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