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          Faculty & Staff

          Additional Health Care Plans

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          Option 2Supplemental Plan

          The Supplemental Plan pays 100% (no deductible) for physician office visits related to an illness or injury, routine exams and related tests, immunizations, vaccinations, and allergy injections and the co-pays not paid by your spouse’s drug plan. If you do not have a drug card through your spouse, you will continue to have the ICC drug card, but the co-pays in this case will not be reimbursed.

          Supplemental Plan Summary

          Option 3Maxi Plan

          The Maxi Plan covers the same scope of benefits as the regular Medical Benefits. Benefits are 100%, no deductible, except that the maximum paid on an inpatient hospital bill is $1,500 per admission. In addition, the Maxi Plan pays routine exams and related tests and immunizations and vaccinations in full as well as the co-pays under the ICC drug plan. An individual may change from the Maxi Plan to the Comprehensive Medical Benefits at any time. This plan is not available to ICC retirees.

          Maxi Plan Summary

          Option 4Maxi Plan II

          In lieu of Major Medical Benefits, an individual may elect this option which covers the same benefits as the Maxi Plan. Office calls and physician charges are paid in full except that it does not cover inpatient or outpatient hospital charges, oncology expenses, or prescription drugs. An individual may change to the Maxi II from other medical coverage in the Plan, or vice-versa, at any time.

          Maxi II Plan Summary

          Option 5Medical Reimbursement Plan (MRP)

          Employees covered under Tri-Care or another employer sponsored medical plan may increase overall benefits with the MRP. The MRP turns services covered under your other health plan into a 100% benefit plan. The MRP reimburses you in full for your other plan’s deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays (except your other plan’s non-PPO hospital charges unless an exception is made by this Plan).

          If routine exams or office visits are not covered at all under your other health plan under any circumstances, these services will be reimbursed by the MRP at reasonable and customary allowances.

          Reimbursement Plan Summary

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