faculty & Staff

event/office setup

this department is in charge of all set ups for the various campus activities including meetings, signage, moving, and relocating furniture and equipment.

event set-ups

if the request is related to an event or meeting, please use 25live.

office set-ups

if the requested work to be performed is furniture related, please use maintenance connection. note: all furniture moves must be approved by molly walker prior to being completed.

set up staff

dave hicks

call the facilities service department at 694-5120 if you need boxes for your move.

moving guidelines

file cabinets  —  vertical cabinets do not need to be emptied while lateral cabinets do.
desks  —  everything on top must be removed, however, the drawers do not have to be emptied if the desk will fit out of the door without tilting.
shelves  —  everything being moved must be labeled and all boxes must be able to be closed, taped, and stacked.