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          Student Testimonials

          “Working as an intern has numerous benefits, but the most prominent one being the privilege to collaborate with professionals and interns while taking on professional roles and responsibilities.”

          – Rachel, 19

          “ICC has so many hard working students who would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work as an intern for a local business.”

          – Carleigh, 18

          “Internships give you an opportunity to learn how to abide by deadlines, work under highly trained supervisors, and develop a resume for future job opportunities. Any time you can get your name and work out there, you are marketing your future.”

          – Coral, 20

          “Internships give you the opportunity to acquire “real-world” experience.”

          – Joe, 23

          “Internships have helped me learn how to work under pressure with quick deadlines.”

          – Jasmine, 18

          “There are so many experiences I have gained from this internship that just cannot be achieved in a traditional classroom setting. Internships are a practical way to find out if your field of study is one that you are truly interested in. Plus, the experience looks fantastic on a resume!”

          Katherine, 18

          “Internships have taught me how to work on and with a team, better organizational skills and have even allowed me to acquire leadership qualities from working directly with professionals in my field.”

          – Kelsi, 20

          “I think every college student should have the opportunity of an internship. Unlike a traditional classroom experience, where you are given the tools to understand your major, an internship is a hands-on experience. It helps you get a feel of your career choice, so that you can determine if this is the right job for you.”

          – Paris, 19

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