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          Honors Program

          We have established an Honors Program to recognize those who exhibit academic excellence. Consisting of enriched forms of existing courses, Honors sections are based on active student participation through research assignments, in-depth class discussion, group projects and independent study. Students may also enhance leadership skills in community service activities.

          This program is limited to fifty participants, selected by a faculty-staff committee. Honors students receive a waiver of tuition (not including books or fees) for up to 64 credit hours in which they are enrolled and receive recognition on his/her academic transcript and at our commencement ceremony.

          Qualifications to Apply

          Acceptance into the program is competitive and based on ACT or SAT scores and other factors including but not limited to: high school GPA, extra-curricular involvement, a letter of interest and recommendations.

          Score Requirements

          • 1290 or higher on SAT (taken March 2016 or after)
          • 1810 or higher on 3-part SAT (taken before March 2016)
          • 1220 or higher on 2-part SAT (taken before March 2016)
          • 27 or higher on ACT

          Candidates must be an in-district student who has not yet earned an associate or bachelor degree.

          To remain in the program, Honors students must maintain a full-time course load, a GPA of cumulative 3.35 or better and must enroll in two Honors sections of general education courses per semester.

          How to Apply

          To be considered for the program, complete the application process below.

          Application Process

            1. Any student new to ICC needs to apply to ICC before you complete your Honors application.
            2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the Honors Program deadline. Entrance into the program is not related to financial need.
            3. Complete the Online Honors Program Application Form.
            4. Honors Program Recommendation Form
              Submit at least one Recommendation Form in support of your acceptance to Illinois Central College Honor Program. We recommend that you provide this form (or a copy of it) to a teacher or someone who can best comment on your academic performance and potential for success in our Honors Program. One recommendation may provide enough information for our selection committee. However, you may submit up to three recommendation forms with accompanying letters.
            5. Personal Statement (one typewritten page)
              Students should write about what they see as their future and how an ICC education will help them achieve their goals.
            6. *Official high school (including SAT or ACT score with date test taken and cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale) and *college transcripts (including dual credit coursework). Send transcripts directly to Dr. Aaron James. Do not submit transcripts to ICC Admissions.

          The recommendation forms, personal statement, high school, and college transcripts need to be mailed directly to:
          Dr. Aaron James,
          Illinois Central College
          Honors Program, 316C
          1 College Drive East Peoria, IL 61635

          Be sure to submit all pieces of your application as stated above. If a component of the application is missing, your application will be incomplete and will not be considered in the applicant pool.


          Deadline for Fall Semester enrollment is February 15 while the deadline for Spring Semester enrollment is November 1.

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