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          Academic Support

          Help and support when you need it!

          Academic Support Center

          The Academic Support Center offers free drop-in tutoring for many subjects including accounting, biology, chemistry, history, economics, psychology, and more. Appointments and walk-ins welcome.

          Locations on the East Peoria and Peoria Campuses.


          The ICC Library has different avenues for you to find the book or ebook, film, magazine, or journal article you need. Stop by any one of the locations below or visit our website.

          Locations on the East Peoria and Peoria Campuses.

          The Studio

          The Studio is a comprehensive writing and literacy center providing consultation services for reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

          Locations on the East Peoria and Peoria Campuses with an additionally online schedule system.

          Supplemental Instruction

          Supplemental Instruction provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated review sessions. We target traditionally difficult courses. It’s voluntary and free of charge.

          Location on the East Peoria Campus.

          Student Success Coaches

          Success Coaches work with students to discover what success means to them and how to apply it to their personal and academic lives. Together, a Success Coach and student work to develop goals, manage time commitments, create study habits, plan out academics, and much more.

          Locations on the East Peoria and Peoria Campuses.

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